Exterior Waterproofing Membrane

Spring weather is a joy after a long, cold winter unless the warmer temperatures has meant water is flowing into your basement. Melting snow and heavy spring rains often result in an excess amount of water gathering around the foundation of your home. If there is a crack or fissure in the masonry of the basement, the water will find its way in there. Once the water has made its way in, you are always going to have moisture issues in your basement unless you take steps to have the necessary repairs and then undertake waterproofing.

Why it’s a problem

Water will not only damage your foundation, any furniture, flooring or wall coverings, it will also leave behind moisture that if left alone can develop bacterial spores that lead to mildew or mould. While mildew can be easily cleaned, mould requires professional attention especially if you or anyone in your family is prone to breathing problems.

Anything you have stored in the basement is obviously at risk. Most basements also house the infrastructure for a comfortable home – the furnace, air conditioning, most electrical junctions, and often the laundry facilities. In addition, it quickly devalues your property’s worth to have a “water problem” in the basement. No one wants to buy a house with foundation issues.

Vertical Basement Crack

What to do

The first thing a homeowner who suspects there is water creating a problem with the foundation should contact a professional basement waterproofing company. The technicians and trained personnel at Benchmark Waterproofing, will be able to identify where the problem originates and recommend how to remedy it. They will give you a plan of action and complete estimate. They have both the experience and the expertise to recommend the appropriate method of waterproofing your home’s basement.

The most effective way to waterproof your foundation is the exterior method. In addition to providing a good shield on the exterior part of your basement walls, it allows the waterproofing technicians to repair any cracks or holes first. The soil around the house’s foundation is cleared away to provide access to the masonry and footing of the home. If necessary, this is the opportunity to install a new weeping tile system which will direct water way from your home.

Once the walls are cleaned and repaired, it will be primed for the sealing material. Rubber bithuane, which adjusts to the temperature when the weather changes, is adhered to the outer walls of the foundation. Next, a drainage membrane is attached to the top of the area and the soil backfilled and slanted away from the walls to direct rainwater away from the base of the house.

If you have any windows in the basement of your home, Benchmark will create a window well and ensure that it drains into the weeping tile system. Your property will be cleaned up around the excavation site and you will know your home is safe from future water damage in the basement.


As a homeowner, you should be regularly checking your property for potential water problems:

  • Windows and doorways that are flush or below the ground level should be inspected for cracks or splits in the frames.
  • Inspecting your gutters and eavestrough and keeping them clean is a must. You should also make sure your downspouts are directing the water away from the base of your house.
  • If there are trees, bushes or other landscaping features that are too close to the base of your house, their root systems may be damaging the outer layer of concrete on your foundation wall and creating a path for water to enter into your basement. Check that the soil is graded away from your property while you are at it.
  • Be aware of the slope of your property and that of your neighbours’ homes too. A little work together can prevent your homes from being damaged by water.

The key rule to remember is that if your basement has had water in it and you don’t fix the problem and get it waterproofed, you are going to have it again and again and again.

Not only will waterproofing your basement protect you and your belongings, it has the potential to enhance the value of your property. When it comes time to sell your home, future buyers will be confident of the integrity of your foundation when they learn it is waterproofed.

Benchmark Waterproofing is the company to call for your waterproofing project in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a family owned business and familiar with the area. Our technicians are well trained professionals who will treat your home and property well. We take pride in doing the job right the first time and it’s guaranteed. Call us for a free estimate.