Basement Leak RepairOnce you discover a leak in your basement you need to take steps to repair the foundation before you have costly damage. Your first step should be to call Benchmark Waterproofing so our expert team can put your mind to rest that we can repair your basement to return it to the dry space your home deserves. 

Some of the hazards include:

Basement Leaks

Leaks and collecting water around the base of your home can both be sources of water seeping into your foundation through cracks or voids in the walls or floors. Not only can that water damage your property it can also create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew. That dank, odd smell from a basement leak is a clue that damaging and unhealthy mold and mildew are present.

Moisture and Condensation

Excessive dampness caused by moisture and condensation can lead to rust in your metalwork and cause wood to rot. Door frames that no longer close properly and sagging beams can be evidence of wood decay. High humidity in wood can also become an attractive breeding ground for termites or other insects.


Extreme weather conditions such as sudden melt off or flooding are impossible to control but you can protect your home from basement leaks with preventative waterproofing measures.

The experts at Benchmark Waterproofing have the experience and expertise to handle whatever waterproofing your Toronto home needs. Our respectful team will treat your home like their own bringing all the latest advanced equipment to solve your foundation’s problems. We are proud of our work and we will ensure your satisfaction with a job well done. Have questions about waterproofing your Toronto home? Call Benchmark Waterproofing today.