York Region

Residents of York Region place their confidence in Benchmark Waterproofing for all their foundation waterproofing repairs and basement underpinning requirements. They understand the importance of hiring a company that will bring local knowledge and experience combined with the most advanced relevant construction techniques to the project.


As homes differ so do the optimum methods and design of waterproofing or underpinning renovations differ. Benchmark Waterproofing is an active specialized contractor with a solid reputation for permanently fixing basement and foundation problems in York. Benchmark’s intimate knowledge of York’s above and below ground drainage as well as York’s building practices and codes make the business the people to call for waterproofing and underpinning solutions.


It’s time to take action if you have a wet or leaky basement in the City of Toronto. Delay will only allow the problem to get worse. If your basement is too low, underpinning may be your solution. If you are faced with a foundation problem of any type, Benchmark Waterproofing Inc. is the company to call in the City of Toronto.


As population pushed eastwards over time, Scarborough construction practices changed. Benchmark Waterproofing was there and knows how the area grew. This perspective gives the company insight and information to design appropriate, permanent waterproofing and underpinning renovations for your Scarborough home. We equally understand the influence of Lake Ontario and the Rouge River watershed on local drainage and water patterns. You also can’t dig as much as we do without developing an expertise on soils.


Benchmark Waterproofing is the first choice to meet the growing waterproofing and underpinning needs of Peel residents. The company brings its unique understanding and experience of the Peel region to the table in formulating the best waterproofing or underpinning construction for each project. Consideration of the above and below ground water patterns feeding the Credit River and strongly influencing the region must be included in all designs as the region has many different drainage situations. Only Benchmark Waterproofing Inc.

North York

Talk to your North York neighbours who now have clean, high and dry basements. They know the importance of choosing the neighbourhood waterproofing and underpinning contractor who has the long-term experience and methods to get the job done permanently. One benefit of experience is a complete understanding of the historical and geographic development of construction practices available to a company familiar with North York because it extensively and successfully works there. Benchmark Waterproofing Inc. brings these attributes to each and every waterproofing and underpinning project.


If you live in the Halton region and have a wet, leaky basement, Benchmark Waterproofing Inc. is the business to phone for a free estimate and to schedule a permanent foundation waterproofing repair. Benchmark’s experts have the local knowledge of soils, drainage and construction conditions to instruct your home’s individual design and give you the dry, clean basement you most want.


Any waterproofing or underpinning project in Etobicoke must seriously consider the influences of the natural water patterns of the Etobicoke Creek and Humber River drainage basins. At Benchmark Waterproofing we understand Etobicoke’s local distinctions in drainage, construction, microclimate and soils and bring that expertise to each home project. In this way, we can confidently assert that your Etobicoke home will remain permanently dry when we complete our waterproofing.

East York

East York’s varied drainage patterns, soils and the dominant ravine and river system bring up unique challenges for home waterproofing. Equally important is a thorough understanding of the East York construction history and methods. Benchmark Waterproofing brings years of local knowledge and professional expertise to solving wet basement and leaky foundation problems in homes in East York making it the company of choice for waterproofing and underpinning. Simply call us for your free East York estimate.

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Durham turns to Benchmark Waterproofing to answer its wet and too low basement problems. Residents of Durham region can have confidence in the professional approach and local understanding of Benchmark Waterproofing Inc. when it comes to waterproofing their leaky foundations and drying up the basement or gaining more height by underpinning. Unique microclimate, geologic, water drainage, soil and other natural factors are taken into account in your estimate.