What are the benefits of basement waterproofing?

Waterproofing your basement ensures you will have a dry space to enjoy now and for years to come. Keeping the flooring, fixtures, furniture, and items you store in your basement dry increases your enjoyment of home ownership. Wet, dank basements allow unhealthy mold and mildew to grow which can create a risk to your family’s health. Protecting your property value not only makes economic sense now, it adds to the resale value of your home.

How do I know if I have a problem?

You might see evidence of pooled water on the basement floor, damp walls, door jambs that no longer meet, soggy carpeting, or staining. You could also find rust on fixtures, peeling paint, curling wall paper, dampness in storage boxes. You might even smell the problem before you see it; mold and mildew have a nasty dank odor. Unfinished basements will allow you to see a powdery dust called efflorescence – the result of salts and minerals in the water. 

How do I find out what’s going on?

When you find unwanted water in your basement or the evidence you have a leak somewhere in your foundation, call Benchmark Waterproofing to arrange a convenient to you appointment for one of our expert assessors. After a thorough inspection of your basement you’ll receive a detailed analysis and plan to return your basement to the dry, comfortable space you want. Our assessors are prompt and can provide a plan including scheduling and budgeting the work needed.

Can I waterproof myself?

Waterproofing is not an easy do-it-yourself project. You need the expertise to know the right materials, methodologies and safety measures to use when dealing with waterproofing your home’s foundation. Not having the appropriate training can lead to a failed project or worse, personal injury. Benchmark Waterproofing have the qualified, certified personnel to ensure your Toronto home’s basement is dry today and in the future.

I have black mold. How much of a problem is it?

The scientific name for black mold is Stachybotrys Chartarum; it is a fungi that can lead to respiratory problems. Black mold grows in dark, moist areas in the home and requires extraordinary and expensive measures to remove it. Your family’s health is at risk when you have mold in your home but once your Benchmark Waterproofing system is installed you won’t have a problem with Black mold growing anymore.

What is this going to cost?

One of our expert assessors will conduct a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation to determine all the pertinent factors: access, foundation depth, exterior finishes, leak source, soil conditions, excavation requirements, interior finishes. Setting out the particulars of your home’s foundation, including a full plan to remedy the problems all have an impact on the cost. Rest assured Benchmark Waterproofing will ensure you have a detailed cost estimate.

What is Benchmark's Warranty?

Benchmark Waterproofing provides a lifetime warranty that the basement will not leak in the areas repaired for the life of the structure. We can do this because we know the effectiveness of the materials and our technique guarantees all our waterproofing claims. When the work is completed and payment received, your will receive the transferrable certificate of warranty.