Stops water seepage and moisture in a basement which eliminates musty odors and other allergies. Waterproofing the exterior foundation walls will preserve the structural integrity of your foundation and eliminates the amount of deterioration of your foundation walls.
This can save your home thousands of dollars in expensive foundation repairs & rebuilds. Waterproofing your property can reinforce the houses foundation as water can weaken the structures footing and cause settlement in your residence.
Priceless belongings can be ruined by leaky basements where too much moisture buildup is harmful.

Basement moisture or water problems can reduce the value of your home and sell-ability, many Realtors will advise their clients to fix their wet basement before putting their home up on the housing market.

Therefore your property value will increase immediately once it has been waterproofed.
Once your basement has been waterproofed it will done permanently, backed up by a fully transferable Life Time Warranty.

Exterior Waterproofing Procedures:

Weeping Tiles