Window Well InstalledMany basements tend to be dark and need artificial lighting. All sorts of problems can arise from not having sufficient lighting in a basement including being a breeding ground for nasty bugs and insects! It’s common to add windows in a basement to provide natural light and brighten what can be a gloomy place in your home. Basement windows, however, need a window well system to avoid problems with soil or water coming in through the gaps. Usually these are made of small metal or concrete walls. You want to make sure no small animals can gain access to your basement either. Toronto homeowners turn to the experts at Benchmark Waterproofing to install window wells that let the light in and keep the soil, water, and other unwelcome small creatures out. 

A window well system needs to be installed professionally with the right materials. Avoid the issues with old-fashioned steel barriers that rust, blacken, and due to the open nature allow small animals or bugs to get into the space or unsightly weeds to grow. You want to have a modern concrete or poly-carbonate barrier window well system added to your Toronto home. More attractive on the exterior and better natural lighting inside add to the quality of your basement’s living space.

Benchmark Waterproofing can help you modernize and improve the lighting in your basement – ensuring you get the best quality window wells in Toronto. Call today to talk to a representative.