Basement WaterproofingWater Leaks and Floods

The basement of your home or business is the most likely place to experience water leaks. Whether caused by weather or flooding, that unwanted water can cause untold damage to your property’s foundation by ruining the wood finished floors, carpeting, drywall, furniture, items stored for safekeeping, or your business inventory. Excess moisture and pooling water can also create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew to grow, causing serious health problems for your family or employees.

Water, Rain and Snow

Heavy rainfall or melting snow can enter your basement through cracks or because your gutter system has failed to divert the water away from the base of your foundation. Ground water can also find its way into your home through those same cracks or due to erosion from flowing water.

Plumbing and Windows

Faulty plumbing or drainage systems can allow water in where it shouldn’t be and condensation can make your water problems worse. Windows or window wells are also potential entry points for unwanted water.

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